"The Starship designs worth paying for"


I am selling what I call a "Starship package". What a Starship Package consists of is several pages with information concerning one of my starship designs, according to progressions, of which was Matt Jefferies's original intention for Starship designs. My Starship Packages feature a starship design, they are not blueprints or plans to build anything.


Starship Package 1-B ---


Starship Package 2-A

My Starship Packages contain design drawing pages of top view, left flank view, front view, and more. Plus a listing page of any and all Starship Names in the progressional group of it's design, with the nomenclature registry number(s). Plus a page showing you a bit a about what progressions are. Plus a page with information about the Starship, including it's fictional size as compared to The Star Trek Starship. It should be obvious as to why I can't show you exactly what my Starship Package contains, otherwise no one would need to buy it. I should get paid for my work.

Caution, please note: It might be best for you to buy the first starship package - the U. S. S. Lightningbird first, so that you can see the quality of my product, and because it is closer to Star Trek canon. For the third progression starship has no saucer shape, and no long nacelles out behind. You might try to imagine what a Starship would be like 14 progressions into the "past" from the Star Trek Starship. It is something the world has never seen, and it is as different from this -

The Star Trek Starship--------


The first motorcar of the first successful car company in the world (other than Benz) - the Daimler-(1886)-------------

      (Later Mercedes.)

The Mercedes-Benz small sedan, fifth progression-------

             (1961 - 1968)


 As this is -

From this -