I Like Bicycles. I like bicycles, I love bicycles, I love to ride bicycles. I love to work on bicycles. I love everything to do with bicycles. And there is this man, what a wonderful man. He likes bicycles. He loves bicycles, He loves everything to do with bicycles, Like I do. I love this man, I'm in love with this man, He loves bicycles, He loves to work on bicycles. He knows more about bicycles than anyone else in the world. His name is Nate. I love him because he loves bicycles, and I love bicycles, we both love bicycles, and that is why I love him. But he is not here with me. Oh Nate, I want you, I love you. Come to me Nate, I love you. I want to have your bicycle children. I know you are there. I know you are listening to me. Oh Nate, come to me, I want you badly. Have sex with me Nate, thinking about you makes me wet. Cody, I know you are there also, tell Nate I want him. I hope you do not mind, but the whiskers that Cody has, reminds me of the hair I have down there, between my legs. Some of the time, I need to use a brush. That is not a turn off, is it Nate, if the whiskers of Cody is between my legs? Oh, I love you Nate, you spend too much time in Exhale Bikes. Come ride with me Nate, we can ride bicycles from your shop in Phoenix, to Bulgaria, my homeland. And oh, on the way, we can have sex on your tiny bicycle seat.