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I've been working on this project for a very long time. So long, that I have become the world's foremost expert on the design of THE STAR TREK STARSHIP, knowing things that only Matt Jefferies knew, and some things that he never knew.       

"First" project; I'm working on a replica of THE STAR TREK STARSHIP that is the most innovative in the world, and also probably the smallest handmade one. I'm making it at the size of 4.15 fictional feet per millimeter. I estimate this to be about 1:1,277.       

This replica makes all others (which includes all "models") obsolete. In part because it has working landing gear, of which Jefferies designed, but no one knows how it works. Matt did not get his landing gear to work, because it would have been too difficult to do for the show. This is part of what I am doing.        

My replica is very innovative, and will introduce new elements that no one else has ever thought of.       

How to know the difference between a model and a replica; If you intend what you are making is to be a finished thing, then it is a replica. If you intend to make something beyond your "model", further on from the thing that you have, something that will be finished, then what you have is a model. A finished thing is not a model, it is something else, because a model is not a finished thing.      

Will post more, but only if people are interested.
Anyone familiar with THE STAR TREK STARSHIP should recognize what's in this photo below, not that they will know what it is. 
It is this, shown below. It's the C/E Vehicle. It is designed as a separate vehicle that can fly on it's own. And no one knows this! Why do you think it is shaped the way it is? This is one example of my knowledge of the design of THE STAR TREK STARSHIP
IMG_0553 (1).JPG
The upper photo is showing part of my replica.


5 DECADES OF CAR DESIGN! This was "The good old days" when cars made sense and were simple and logical.
BLOCK SLEDGE; The most innovative toy car in the world! 

I am doing something that no one else in the world has done or has tried to do as far as I know: I am designing starships like cars are made - according to progressions.​

For Example: The first progression of the Corvette was 1953; the second was 1956; the third 1958, and so on. The first progression of the Thunderbird was 1955, but what came next for 1958 was different. Therefore, it was not the second progression, but a first progression of a different car. It makes no difference that it was given the same name.​ All my starship designs are based on The Star Trek Starship that people not as familiar with it as I am, will call “The Enterprise”. The name is not so important.


I am concentrating mainly on Mercedes-Benz cars, because these cars are more sensible and logical than any other cars.

This starship (The Star Trek Starship), was designed in 1964. Since then no one has tried to design true progressions of it. According to the main designer of this starship, Matt Jefferies, it was meant to be the 17th progression. Hence the "17" in the 1701, and the "01" meaning the first one of the fleet = the Flagship. The Star Trek people have long since been ignoring this.

These decorative chairs, tables, cabinets, radios, and anything and everything else in the world that is decorative, has everything to do with Starships, or rather, Starships, have everything to do with these decorative things.   

If you disagree with this statement, then you are simply not old enough (or smart enough) to be able to see the reality of what Starships are. And you will never see it, because you will not live long enough. But if you could live long enough, then you would be seeing it someday. This is because Starships have nothing to do with space ships, and everything to do with decorative furniture and other decorative things. NO ONE WILL EVER BUILD A SPACE SHIP LIKE WHAT WE SEE IN STAR TREK SHOWS. But most people will never know this, and they will not live long enough to see it.  

Starships are purely fiction, they have no function. This is the only difference between a Starship and furniture, because furniture has function, a Starship does not.   

A Starship is simply a decoration. Gene Roddenberry needed "a ship", to decorate his show, he was not a space ship designer. No one working on the show ever had any intention of building a space ship, or designing one either.  

The things shown here, is a teeny tiny fraction of the decorative things that are in the world. I picked out a bit to show you, and many were too fancy or too mind-boggling for me to include them.     

So let's take chairs for example, why is a chair not simply a chair, and why are there about a zillion different chairs in the world? Why do we not have only one sort of chair to sit on? All chairs do basically the same thing, so why do we have so many different sorts of chairs, and why are they all designed and decorated in so many different ways?     

It's because humans like fancy and pretty and decorated things to have around them.    

Starships are no different, except most people see Starships differently: They see them as only an outer space thing. And also they see them as a thing that has function. But they are really no different, so why wouldn't most people like them?   

It's because of THE SCIENCE FICTION CRAZIES who hoards Starships to themselves and turns everyone else off with their science fiction craziness.   

But most decorative furniture in the world, which by the way, most people tend to like, has no science fiction to it. But when it comes to Starships, most people go; "Oh no, not that, I'm not interested".    

What they are doing is equating the liking of a Starship to the liking of a show that the Starship might be in, and because they don't like the show, and rightly so, because most of them ARE CRAP, so then they don't like the Starship either. What a shame.   

It's the science fiction crazies who think it's all real, who spoils it for everyone else with their crazy nerdiness. And they think they are smarter than other people, but none of them could design a space ship, certainly not the way they think! I am smarter; I'm The Starship Designer.   

And if these people want to know what MY STARSHIPS can do, then I can tell them that they can cruise at Warp one million, and they have Phasers and Photon torpedoes that can blast the universe out of existence. 

If people could see Starships as simply a pretty thing, with nothing more to do with crazy people than a chair or a table does, then I think most people could like Starships.    

My Starships are simply a thing of beauty, like The Star Trek Starship is (in which the Star Trek People are doing their best to ruin), and The Romulan Bird of Prey, and The Klingon Battle Cruiser. None of which have anything to do with outer space. But if the crazy nerds want to challenge me, I warn them now, I have the superior mind.    

And I'm tired of all the science fiction goofballs.   
                                                                    This THING, is a crym.      

A crime, is something that the majority of people see as bad, wrong, or evil.  A crym, is something that is bad, wrong, or evil, that the majority of people DON'T see as wrong.     
I'm ashamed to be an American. It's a shame on all Americans that the United States has gotten this bad.      
It didn't happen yesterday, it happened decades ago. Maybe shortly after WW2, maybe sooner than WW2, I don't know, I wasn't there.     
It was bad with Obama, I know that.     
And what did Trump do about it? It seems that Trump is Trump's worst enemy. Trump is all about serving himself, not our country.    
And now this is what it has come to with President Biden, what an evil man!     
The Democrats of today, have nothing to do with supporting democracy, or free speech.     
If you vote democrat, you are part of the crym.     

                                                     God damn the United States!      
                                                        What does A NEW TREK represent?    

Being totally different from STAR TREK,  A NEW TREK represents high ideals, good morality, and is against deviant behavior, so therefore, A NEW TREK is against LGBTQ+.    

About 98% of all transgender people are homosexual. But there is no such thing as a homosexual kind of human. This is a fact. If this wasn't true, then two homosexuals would be able to get together, man and man, or woman and woman, and by themselves, produce a baby. And that baby would also be homosexual. But they cannot do this of course, because homosexuality is simply a deviant behavior. Have common sense people!   
Every kind of creature, is able to reproduce to make more of their kind. But homosexuals cannot.

So most people don't know that transgenderism is based on homosexualism. So almost all of them who think they were "born in the wrong body", are thinking that, because they are homosexual...     

Homosexuality is wrong. Almost all, but not all, transgender people are homosexual. Transgender is simply a different type of homosexual.     

Is it a man? Is it a woman? Is it a bird? No, it's a transgender!       

If you agree with my high ideals, please support my life's work, which in part, is represented in the many pages of this website. In other words, please buy something!     
Do starships need weapons? 
Should Star Trek represent fornication, homosexuality, and beastiality?  
Is the internet making the world into a bunch of takers; expecting to get free stuff all the time?  
What would Star Trek be without aliens?   
Why are the legal people in our country (the United States) so incredibly stupid so that they favor the criminals?  
What is Star Trek to you?  
What is the most important thing that a Starship captain should keep in mind when dealing with any situation?   
A; Be ready to blast them out of space if they twitch the wrong way.   
B; Be on the lookout for any attractive women...  
C;   ?

         I doubt if anyone in the world can answer this question correctly.   

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Susan Sackett asks; "I don't understand your handle, "thestarshipdesigner" -- you don't seem familiar with "Star Trek" or fandom, and yet your moniker hints that you are.

The Starship Designer;  Well, long, long, ago, and far away now, I was a Star Trek fan.  And it seems the only one who knows what made Star Trek great.  And I fell in love with "The Enterprise", that I call "The Star Trek Starship".  But now there's many Enterprises, unfortunately.  I studied it, studied it for a long time.  Until I now know more about it than anyone else, alive or dead, and so I can redesign it better than anyone else can.  So I have become TheStarshipDesigner and have this website.  I became more and more frustrated that they weren't doing Star Trek again.  The problem was, that with all the shows that came after, they, were not Star Trek, and they were doing them mainly to make as much money (off the fans) as they could, no matter what.  And so it's all a huge mess now.  Star Trek was not entirely that way.  When they were making Star Trek, they were more or less trying to make the best show that they could.  But it wasn't that way with the shows that came after.  Basically with shows, it becomes; "What are the fans going to like?" Which is contrary to the original conception of the show.  By the time "Star Trek: Voyager" was coming, I could see that these people could not make a good show.  And they could not design a starship that was worth much of anything.  The longer it goes on, the more messed up it gets.  My idea is to start over, to start at the beginning.  Matt Jefferies showed that the Enterprise is the 17th Starship.  They all ignored him.  What this means, to put it briefly, is that there are hundreds of (fictional) years of Starships until we get to the Enterprise. 16 of them! These, and more, are the Starships that I am designing.  My show will start at the beginning of Starships, with the first Starship ever built.  I have my own ships, my own characters, my own universe.  Check out my STARSHIPS mug for sale on ebay, it is magnificent, and shows what I can do.

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