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 New show: "A NEW TREK"
                                  According to The Starship Designer:  
                                    Star Trek Starship nomenclatures;  

                                "U.S.S." is short for United Space Ship,   
                                     Registry Number is comprised of;    
                                     "NCC" stands for Starship Class,   
                     The first number(s), is the starship progression (17),   
                 The final two numbers are the production serial number:   

                          The U.S.S. ENTERPRISE   
                          The U.S.S. YORKTOWN   
                          The U.S.S. EXETER     
                          The U.S.S. INTREPID   
                          The U.S.S. DEFIANT   
                          The U.S.S. FARRAGUT    
                          The U.S.S. VALIANT    
                          The U.S.S. HOOD    
                          The U.S.S. EXCALIBUR    
                          The U.S.S. CONSTITUTION    
                          The U.S.S. CONSTELLATION    
                          The U.S.S. REPUBLIC     
                          The U.S.S. POTEMKIN   
                          The U.S.S. LEXINGTON   

I am doing something that no one else in the world has done or has tried to do as far as I know: I am designing starships like cars are made - according to progressions.​

For Example: The first progression of the Corvette was 1953; the second was 1956; the third 1958, and so on. The first progression of the Thunderbird was 1955, but what came next for 1958 was different.

Therefore, it was not the second progression, but a first progression of a different car. It makes no difference that it was given the same name.​ All my starship designs are based on The Star Trek Starship that people not as familiar with it as I am, will call “The Enterprise”. The name is not so important.

This starship (The Star Trek Starship), was designed in 1964. Since then no one has tried to design true progressions of it. According to the main designer of this starship, Matt Jefferies, it was meant to be the 17th progression. Hence the "17" in the 1701, and the "01" meaning the first one of the fleet = the Flagship. The Star Trek people have long since been ignoring this.


Gary "Quotes"

If you never stand up for anything, you'll never fall down, but also you'll never rise above The Complacent. If you never "walk a journey" that might turn out to be very long and difficult, you'll never stumble and fail, but also you'll never have the chance to accomplish the extraordinary. If you never try to do anything great for others, you're a FAILURE from the start. "Perfect" People and "Superior" People are flawed and erroneous.

Do starships need weapons? 
Should Star Trek represent fornication, homosexuality, and beastiality?  
Is the internet making the world into a bunch of takers; expecting to get free stuff all the time?  
What would Star Trek be without aliens?   
Why are the legal people in our country (the United States) so incredibly stupid so that they favor the criminals?  
What is Star Trek to you?  
What is the most important thing that a Starship captain should keep in mind when dealing with any situation?   
A; Be ready to blast them out of space if they twitch the wrong way.   
B; Be on the lookout for any attractive women.   
C;   ?


ARE WE IN WORLD WAR lll, NOW? What The Starship Designer thinks:   
Like what's happening now, World War ll started small, by Germany invading Poland. Then it wasn't until two years later after Japan attacked the United States that brought the US into the war.   

So now Russia attacks Ukraine. And so the United States goes to war against Russia but "under the table" with both hands tied behind their back.   

Some people think that Putin is not a mad man, and so will not go to atomic weapons against Ukraine. But was attacking Ukraine in the first place a rational decision? And the reason for the attack keeps changing. One does not attack an entire country only to get rid of some of the people in it, that's ludicrous, and the wrong way to go about it.  

What I think is going to happen:  Some months from now (and the date of my printing this, is 2022 October 26):   
After doing all sorts of damage, and failing to control Ukraine, Russia will pull out. The world will celebrate because they are stupid, thinking that Putin has given up, and that the war is over. The markets and stocks will shoot up. But then Putin will nuke the whole of Ukraine; there will be nothing left of the country, all dead, everything destroyed. Putin wins in the end. And Russia said that they would not use nuclear weapons against Ukraine, the same as Germany said they would not attack Russia at the start of WWll.  

And what will the United States do about it? Mostly nothing. Putin has shocked the world, and the world is afraid of what Putin might do next. It will be a first ever precedent for there to be no in-kind response to a nuclear attack. Which will be a very bad message to be giving the world. They will be thinking; What's done, is done, no way to change it. Let's not go to (nuclear) war with Russia. They will think that, because they are spineless wussies who have no common sense. It's that same thinking that got us into this war to begin with. One cannot fight a war with arms tied behind one's back.       

They tell Russia; "You better not use nukes against Ukraine". They're like little kids; "You better not, or else". But what if they do? They're going to wait until it happens, and then say to Putin; "Naughty, naughty, you've been a bad boy. Now stay in your room". And Putin will go on doing whatever he wants. There's no one to stop him.   

No! Cut the head off of the snake! Don't wait for disaster. That is what they are doing now. And any President with a backbone and common sense is two years away! Too late for Ukraine.   

The reason why Putin decided to attack Ukraine when he did, is because he knows that Biden and the rest of the Democrats are spineless do-gooders who won't stop him. And we are seeing that now!  

The first problem with our country are the people as a whole. That's where our leaders come from. The people have failed to pick adequate leaders, and the stupid rules don't help any. And having two parties who are against each other all the time is a bad idea. Hasn't anyone learned this by now?! 

Then it's the leaders... The politics... The rules... The Democrats AND the Republicans, and all the other idiots...   

It's good to care for someone, but not if it kills everyone...   

But our crappy government has different ideas...

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