The special log #1

Gary’s special poop log for sale, $20.

Now you have the opportunity to buy this special and unique custom made product, and it is exceedingly rare, only $20!

Now you can have your very own special poop log, direct from Gary, and it will have a very unusual aroma as compared to any other product you can buy.



And not only that, but this product is almost guaranteed to be irresistibly fragrant!

Due to the odd nature of this product, there’s no point to providing any photos of said product, for every log is special and unique, and not only that, but at the time of your order, it might not be a log at all, but more of a liquid, but probably brown in color. And due to its nature, you will receive your special log (or whatever), in a special box with air holes in it, as so product should not arrive with a spoiled stink about it.


No guarantees apply. 


And if you think you’ve got it all, but wait, there’s more:

Due to it’s nature, it might take days, or weeks, or even months, for your custom made product to be produced, so be patient. But the longer it takes, the larger your log might be, Yippy!

And at time of delivery, you might want to advise your postal carrier to hold his or her nose when it comes. 


Product may contain wheat, dairy, or maybe corn.

When asked; “Why poop?”

Gary says; “Why not, a lot of other people are selling crap.”

So buy a poop log, or donate money to Gary’s cause and skip the crap.


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