Mister Overhead #1

So, in your last interview, you mentioned a book. You said its title was "Yellow River."

Gary - Yes I did.

And you said that the author was I. P. Freely.

I did say that, yes.

I consider myself very well read, and I've never heard of such a book. How do you know of the book?

Someone told me about it.

Well, I've looked for the book, and can't find it. What's it about?

I suppose, it's about a Yellow River.

And where is this river?

I don't know.

Have you read the book?

No I haven't.

And this author, Mr. I. P. Freely, are you sure the spelling is correct? I've never heard of him either.

As far as I know, it is.

Has this author done any other books?

I wouldn't know about that.

But you say it's about a yellow river, and why would Mr. I. P. Freely have a yellow river?

Beats me.


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