Starship Designing: A Design Framework Adhering to Progressions {Rule 3 The Basics}


The most important thing with anything, is the basics. For those of you who don’t know, basics are the opposite of specifics. Basics are much more important than specifics.

To illustrate my point, if a person is trying to find a particular house, they must first find the street that it is on. Because if they can’t find the street, they won’t find the house. (Although most people “cheat” these days with the Internet.)

Likewise, if a person is trying to find a particular city, they must first find the state that it is in. If they can’t find the state, they can’t find the city.

And if a person is trying to find Arizona, they must first find the United States, or be within it. And so on.

So this is what I’m talking about, basics ahead of specifics, not the other way around.

So if a person designing a starship gets this wrong, and does a great job with the specifics, but gets the basics wrong, well, we see the result: some Star Trek related starship designs are like someone took a piece of poop, and glued glitter on it to make it seem neat and pretty. But underneath it is just a turd!

Two of the worst Star Trek related designs is the “Voyager” and the “B”. It seems, no one knows how to design a starship anymore! And this has been going on for more than 40 years! I would rather have a simple plain basic shape, that is what the Star Trek Starship is, than what they’ve been doing in later years.

The basics of the “Ship”, is that the Star Trek Starship is made of three main parts:

1.      The primary hull.

2.      The secondary hull.

3.      The main–engine nacelles.

And these three parts should remain with every starship design, no more, and no less, and be kept separated from each other to some degree. Not for the reason because of “Warp Drive,” or some other stupid fictional reason, but because that’s the way the Star Trek starship was done. Remember, this is all made up fiction. These are not real spaceships, and could never be. I know these things, I am a real designer, and I’m very smart. These “ships” would never work as real spaceships. And furthermore, warp drive wouldn’t work either.

There are two lesser parts; the primary strut, and the nacelles’ struts, that connect the main parts together.

So these parts only, no more, and no less, no doubling, and things like that: No double primary hulls, or double secondary hulls or adding a third nacelle, or any additional main parts. These things are unlike the Star Trek Starship, and therefore, a no, no. Unless you are doing a different sort of ship – therefore it should have different letters put to it, and I’m talking letters, not numbers. We get to the numbers later. Although letters can be numbers—if you count with them—as could any set of symbols.

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