Starship Designing: A Design Framework Adhering to Progressions {Rule 5 The Outside Of Ship}


With a Star Trek like starship, the outside of the ship, is the ship. It is not to be designed from the inside out, that is for reality – this is fiction. A starship is to be designed from the outside in, with the outside being far more important than the inside. Again relating to my rule number one. This is the way the Star Trek Starship was designed - from the outside in.

You should not be concerned with the small things; such as where the bridge should be, or where the primary hull engines should be, or the shuttle bay, or it’s doors. These are the small things that should come later. Don’t be thinking; I need to design all these things into my ship, so I will design my ship around them. No! Wrong way.

And as far as all those “lifeboats“ or escape pods goes, the Star Trek Starship did not have them, so why have them? Remember, everything about starships is fiction. They make this stuff up like kids eating candy on Halloween.

And don’t design your ship too well: There needs to be rules that are followed. For example; for the primary hull to be able to separate from the ship, it should be at the rear, or some other place out of the way. Because at the front—separating, the remainder of the ship is in danger of colliding with it, if the starship is going a speed that the primary hull cannot match. But that’s not the way the Star Trek Starship was designed. And so to change it like that would make it too different. The thinking I have put forth here, is probably why the shuttle bay was put in the rear. But by then, the basic design of the ship had been settled upon.

Or if a person got to thinking that the primary hull should rotate – to provide gravity. It’s mostly round anyway, why not? A neat idea. But that’s not the way they did it, and so it would be too great of a change to make.

So a person should not do what one thinks is best. There are rules to be followed. If a person wants to do their own thing, then that’s what they should do, and not connect it to someone else’s work.

So don’t design it too much like a real spaceship. But also don’t get caught up too much in the fiction of it all. Be careful about doing something only for a fictional reason, or to make it too much like a real spaceship would be like.

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