Starship Designing: A Design Framework Adhering to Progressions {Rule 2 Type of Ship}


What type of ship are you working on? If it is a Star Trek starship type, which is the only type I’m working on, then it needs to have some bit of resemblance or recognizability to the Star Trek Starship.

Also, in my view, it should have “NCC” on it (contrary to the show “Enterprise”). Unless you are doing a freighter, or a mining ship, or a battleship, or some other type of ship, then it should have a different set of letters on it than “NCC”, if it’s not a starship.

Originally in Star Trek, the Starship was a very special type of space ship—it was a “Starship Class.” Later they demoted it down to an ordinary type of space ship, calling it a “Constitution Class”—just another space ship. Something I will correct/restore in my show. The way I see it, “NCC” means “Starship”; a special type of space ship. It’s part of an identification system—a nomenclature, to identify one ship from another. Did Matt Jefferies create this system? I don’t know. But it’s a neat system. But the Star Trek People have been ignoring it.

So these dummies who put the same name and number on every starship, show that they don’t know what they are doing, and are damaging Star Trek by doing so. What if car manufacturers put the same VIN number on every car? What if the DMV issued the same license plate number for every car? There would be no point to it! The purpose of “NCC—1701” is to identify the ship from any other ship. To add “A” or “B” or “C” is stupid! What that does is to circumvent the original nomenclature, making it at least partly unnecessary.

What I’m talking about, is that they could have just named it “The A”, or “The B”. Why the need for “NCC—1701”???

Matt Jefferies’ “NCC—1701” is a neat identification system, that would work, and work fairly well—to identify all sorts of different space ships. But what the Star Trek People have done in later years is that they have spoiled it, so that Matt’s system no longer identifies one ship from another. Sad. More about this system under rule number six: Progressions.

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