a bit of introduction to my show

"star trek remade; the new view"

This is not Star Trek, this is better!

My show is set at, and begins at the beginning; there's no Starfleet, no Kirk, no Spock, and there's only one starship, but that comes a bit later: This is hundreds of years prior the era of Star Trek. There are many space ships, and space flight is fairly common and routine, but there is as of yet, no such thing as a starship.

Enter the "Glamour Gold"; a newly built passenger liner transport space ship that is now, by far, the speediest ship in the universe. Able to obtain an astounding speed of "98 S.O.L." (98% of the speed of light), and is somewhat like the Concord airplane was in it's day some 500 years earlier.

And there's the Pirates: The Pirates are a group of people who more or less voluntarily "divorced" their fellow man because they did not get along with the way the world was going. Their motto is "No War! (unless we can win)". Their supreme leader is called "Our Kling". Another of their motto's is; "We must survive, we must be strong, this is the song of Our Kling". Keeping to one ship, the swiftest ship is what they steal, they move in on another ship, steal their bounty, then speed away - and no one can catch them. The Pirates have stolen the Glamour Gold, and renamed it; "The Mercury".


My pirates are not sadistic creeps, like the bad guys that are in Star Trek. They are all "best buddies" , more or less, and they are all there because every one of them has decided that this is the only place for them. There's no stupid assassinations for moving up in rank, like in Star Trek. And there are no ranks: Only their leader, and Ben, her "right hand man", who would take over as leader, if something happened to Her.

Now enter The Starship; the first starship ever built: Registry number NCC-101. It was built in the year 2498, and it can obtain a speed of multiple times the speed of light. And now it is by far, the speediest ship in the universe...