The 24th progression ?

                           I'd been wanting to make starship models, but couldn't, because I had perfectionism.

Perfectionism is not the way a person is; it's not a state of mind, it's not a state of being, it's not a personality, it's not an attribute of a person . . . 

                                                                   Perfectionism is a sickness.

So after I had gotten rid of that sickness, I could then start to make starship models - - - something I'd been wanting to do for a long time.

I had a bunch of litter boxes on hand, so I used those - - - I wasn't ready yet to go with wood, and I had to design it as I went along - - - I'm not the one to make a bunch of sketches, although I did do a bit of that. I'd been thinking about redesigning The Star Trek Starship for a long time.

One of the problems I was running into with the cardboard, was that the sheets tended to warp from the moisture in the glue; my starship was warping sooner than it was finished!

After losing the perfectionism, I couldn't be too picky, or I would never get it done. But it took me about 2 years to make this model. The most difficult part was trying to get the nacelles properly placed and aligned. I ended up needing to put 24 separate precision bent pieces of wire in the nacelle struts, then I glued it. Then I found that I had made a mistake with the alignment of one of the nacelles, tried to take it apart, but couldn't without wrecking it  - - -  I had built it too well!

I carefully sized my model so that each layer of cardboard represents one deck, and designed it so that the primary "hull" can separate from the remainder of the "ship" to "fly" on it's own.

Sooner than I was finished with this one, I had started on another starship model which was several progressions into the future from this one, but did not finish it: Cardboard is too sloppy and limiting to work with.

I went on to making a starship model in wood. It was as far as I could imagine taking The Star Trek Starship into the far future - - - many hundreds of fictional years - - - "the last starship ever built". I named it The U. S. S. ULTRA. I also designed it so that the primary "hull" can separate. And what a sight to see! From looking at it, it seems so dangerous, that I would not think that anyone would want to mess around with that starship!


 My first "Starship Package"


  The Star Trek Starship, redesigned -- (Flagship)  The U. S. S. Ultra


  The Star Trek Starship, redesigned -- (Flagship)  The U. S. S. Lightningbird


 The Star Trek Starship, redesigned -- (Flagship)  The U. S. S. Catalina   N C C - 1 6 0 1


  The Star Trek Starship, redesigned -- (Flagship)  The U. S. S. Victorious