the smartness test

-The Test that Determines Who is the Very Smartest and Who is Not-

Please put answers on another sheet noting the numbers, with your name.

  1. What amounts of time are longer than 30 years?

  2. Is it better to pay more for a product, or to pay less at all costs, such as saving money by buying $30 tires for your car rather than $100 tires?

  3. If a person is counting things with the alphabet instead of the usual numbers, then what “number” comes after 2?

  4. Is it better buying new, or pre-owned?

  5. If a person of authority tells you that it’s okay, to stay where you are, even though you think there might be something very wrong, should you obey, or get out and away?

  6. If you hear someone say: “he didn’t arrive until the middle of the evening”, correctly, about when would that be?

  7. Can 2 plus 2 equal 5?

  8. In your opinion, who are the smartest people in the world, and why?

  9. What general group of animals are there more different kinds of, than any other group?

  10. When a person has money he/she has it because… where does it come from?

  11. Can machines or electronic devices be smart (knowing things)?

  12. Is it true, that a rich person is smarter than a poor person?

  13. Is there any “Race” of humans that are not as smart as the other races of humans?

  14. Is it logical to think that all creatures have a soul?

  15. Is it best to learn from other people?

  16. Is it possible that aliens do exist?

  17. Is the belief in God, only a religious thing?

  18. Is the theory of evolution a fact, something true, did it happen?

  19. Which person is likely to be smarter, a dog owner, or a cat owner?

  20. If all creatures have souls, then would the sould of a human have more value than say, a dog’s or cat’s?

  21. Are “mentally ill” people not as smart as “normal” people?

  22. Can a human being, be taught to be smart?

  23. What is smartness?

  24. Was Newton corret in that all things are being pulled down to the earth by gravity?

  25. What is GOOD? (The true meaning of the word.)

  26. If heaven is a real “place”, will everyone be going there in the end?

  27. If humans have souls, then would all human souls have the same value, none being more or less valuable, different from any societal standing?

  28. What does; “giving a damn” mean?