the dinner party #1

Among houses in the mountains, this man likes to take walks at night. This night is another walk, and he decides to turn off on this one street, where few people go; the path less traveled, because there’s only one house on it. So as he’s walking along on the sidewalk, he looks over seeing the house, and he also sees a sign out front. So now feeling a bit hungry, and also having a chance to meet some neighbors, he walks up to the front door and knocks. The door opens, and he says; “Uh, I was walking by, and saw your sign out front.”

The man inside; “ Oh, yes, yes, come in.”

Then he asks; “I’m not too early, or too late, am I? I was just hungry, and saw your sign. Oh, is it only for relations?”

“No, no, it’s for anyone and everyone, whoever wants to come, like the sign says. And you’re not too early or too late, you’re right on time. Come in. Oh, is it only you, no one else out there?”

“No, I’m alone. Only me.”

“Well, come in then.”

So he steps inside.

“Did you bring any veggies?”

“Oh, I, I didn’t know to bring anything.”

“Oh well, it can’t be helped, we’ll just have to make do with what we’ve got. It seems like that’s the way it always is.”

“Maybe they should put that on your sign – I mean about bringing veggies?”

“Oh, never mind about that.”

Off in some distance in the next room, the outside man is looking, and he sees an oval table, set with a bunch of plates and utensils, with a white table cloth, but no one around, so he asks; “Am I the only one to come?”

“No, you’re not the only one. They all go to the kitchen, and that’s where you go.”

“Oh, do I help with the cooking?”

“Something like that. Now in the kitchen you go, you don’t want to keep us waiting, do you?”

So the outside man walks into the kitchen hesitantly. And in there, he sees a large blood stained wooden table and 2 large men holding large butcher knives all dressed in white, and they close the door behind him.

“Hey, what is this? I came for dinner. I’m a guest. The sign out front said “Dinner Party. Come one, come all.”

One of the men replies; “Dinner party? We’re the New Donner Party, and we’re having you for dinner.”