THe holey pant #1

A man walks into a clothing marketplace with a pant he had bought there the previous day, and he goes to one of the women clerks, and asks; “I’d like to refund this pant”, showing it to her.

It’s a woman’s pant.

“And here’s my receipt”, he says.

As she takes it and starts looking it over, she asks; “Is there anything wrong with it?” And he replies; “No, it’s the wrong size.”

And then he sees again the holes in the pant, and says to her pointing to the holes “It was like that when I bought it.”

Then another woman clerk comes over to have a look, and he points to the pant and says to her; “The pant had holes in it when I bought it. I bought it yesterday.”

Then a woman shopper comes walking nearby, and he turns to her pointing to the pant and says; “It was like that when I bought it.”