the investment arrows

The investment arrows are like merit badges, for they represent major achievements with investments.

There are 7 up arrows, and a red arrow is the only one that points down.

So it is not desired to have a red arrow with an investment, but it doesn’t mean that it is terribly bad to have one.

The first arrow is green, and all of these arrows are based on “Of the Money”, not “On the Money” percentage, and they apply to one of your investments since you have owned it.


1. A green arrow is having an investment at 0% (above a red arrow) up to as high as 199% - of the money, not including commissions.

2. A black arrow is 200% or more

3. A silver arrow is 400% or more

4. A gold arrow is 1,000% or more

5. A purple arrow is 4,000% or more

6. An orange arrow is 10,000% or more

7. A teal arrow is 15,000% or more