what is a starship?

                                         The way I see starships:

A "starship" is only a design, in two dimensions, or in three. Whether or not one sees it as art, a starship is a decorative thing, to be hung on the wall, or displayed on a table, or to be played with . . . a pretty or and neat thing to be looked at, and enjoyed.

"Starships" have no capabilities - - - they can't go anywhere, they can't transport anything, they have no crew, they have no weapons or defenses, they don't belong to Starfleet, or the Romulans, or any other group of "peoples" . . . They are simply something to look at, and enjoyed, if it's a good design.

Starships are real space ships only in science fiction/fantasy shows.

That's the way I see starships. Starships will never be real - - - they are not real space ships, and should not be looked at in that way. And if you see starships as real ships, there's something wrong with you. Take it from me - - - I'm The Starship Designer.