the talking horse #1

Man comes to horse, and asks; “So, Flash*, what do you think of Patty versus Felicity?”

The Horse: “Well, Felicity seems younger, but Patty might have better legs. They are probably both fine examples of humans, and both have blonde hair, and are both very attractive, that is to say they both have really nice muzzles, but it’s difficult to evaluate them with their clothes on.


Felicity needs to wear lenses, so her eyes must not be as good. But I doubt if either one can run as fast as I can, and try putting a saddle on either one, good luck with that.


But Felicity seems to have a better set of teeth, but I haven’t gotten a good look at her gums yet.


But I kind of like that name spivot, it reminds me of what I do a lot, when a bit is in my mouth”

(*Any resemblance to any other talking horse named Flash, is entirely unintentional and coincidental.)