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I am doing something that no one else in the world has done or has tried to do: I am designing starships like cars are made - according to progressions.

For Example: The first progression of the Corvette was 1953; the second was 1956; the third 1958, and so on. The first progression of the Thunderbird was 1955, but what came next for 1958 was different.

Therefore, it was not the second progression, but a first progression of a different car. It makes no difference that it was given the same name.​ All my starship designs are based on The Star Trek Starship that people not as familiar with it as I am, will call “The Enterprise”. The name is not so important.

This starship (The Star Trek Starship, not the one seen above) was designed in 1964. Since then no one has tried to design true progressions of it. According to the main designer of this starship, Matt Jefferies, it was meant to be the 17th progression. The Star Trek people have long since been ignoring this.



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One of my drawings



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Note; due to certain constraints, my website is not exactly the way I would like it to be.

Gary "Quotes"



If you never stand up for anything, you'll never fall down, but also you'll never rise above The Complacent. If you never "walk a journey" that might turn out to be very long and difficult, you'll never stumble and fail, but also you'll never have the chance to accomplish the extraordinary. If you never try to do anything great for others, you're a FAILURE from the start. "Perfect" People and "Superior" People are flawed and erroneous.


Sam (Samantha) Smith, puts in: "Great website, keep it up buddy. Who is your favorite starship captain?" 

Gary; Hi Sam, thank you very much for your contact. I presume you are a woman, your contact threw me a bit, for I think I know a mister Sam Smith. I haven't been checking e-mail much, you are only the third person to contact me through my website. I've been getting very discouraged, and thinking of shutting down my websites. The last 2 days I've been busy with starship designing. Did you notice the "permission..." at the bottom of the contact place, and do I have your permission to put your comment on my website? Your question is very easy; I don't like any of the captains except Kirk. The same that I don't like any of the shows except Star Trek (original) and that is very old and out of date.

Sam Smith: Hi, I didn't see the bottom part, must have missed it, you can put my question on your website if you wish! Thanks for answering, sorry to hear you did not care for The Next Generation, Picard was personally my favorite. But funny you call the original Star Trek very old and out of date, most would also consider Next Generation the same these days lol. Anyway, it is hard to build a popular website in the world of Social Media dominance, no one wants to email anymore. But you should do what makes you happy, if you are happy to have a place to post your work and write, you should keep it up.

Gary: Hi again. I made the print much larger on contact page, and I forgot to ask where about are you in the world, so people won't think your the person next door or something? And from looking at my website, is there any indication as to that I'm in Phoenix? I want people to know where I am, and I want to know about where they are, and others will want to know. /// Picard was bald! In a future world in which they have machines that make gravity, have done way with sickness, can control the weather... and they have not cured baldness? And this is only one tiny thing about the show... Doctors of today could cure baldness, if they weren't so stupid. I liked bits of it, can't remember, but never liked the grandiose beginning theme music. But strangely, the way I saw "Enterprise", the beginning theme music was the best part of the show, and I loved to "sing" along with it. /// If they don't want to do email anymore, then what do they do instead? And yes, you have a good point, when I get discouraged, that's my suicidal side talking. Part of my website IS for me. But websites cost money, and it seems like when people go to the internet, all they want is something for free, and I'm already giving away a lot for free on my website, and they give me nothing, not one word, and I have no income. I'm thinking now, that if I can keep on going, in about 2 years, I might have enough progressions done to make a 12 month calendar, if I can get it published. I think ONLY that, would be neat! And that many people all over the world would want to buy it. To have a calendar of starship progressions, such as the world has never seen! /// What I was talking about, about Star Trek old and out of date, is that what they did with the newer shows - all of them, is they took all of Gene Roddenberry's mistakes, and made them worse, instead of making corrections. Obviously because they did not know any better. But in their defense, it would have been difficult to change what was already established, but maybe not imposable. But as the shows went on, it got worse and worse. One is the idea that Star Trek is set only 200 or so years from now. Another, is the aliens, they got worse and worse and worse, and it was even more deranged, when aliens don't exist in the first place! But that's what a lot of people believe. If you see in my website, I have a new idea. Same with gravity...

Sam Smith: I live in Maryland, I saw your advertisement on your car when I was recently visiting a good friend in Arizona. :) If I may offer a different perspective on Picard being bald, perhaps there IS a cure for baldness in the 24th century, but at that point mankind is not so concerned by things like hair loss, so Picard simply does not care that he is bald, it's just part of who he is. I'd like to imagine a future like that. But that's ok not to like it! I'm sure there are many fans who only like the original series. 

When I say people don't e-mail, I mean most people just use Social Media to comment on content, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc. Anyway, I think a calendar idea is cool, it gives you a goal of 12  to work towards, even if you could just get it printed for yourself it would be neat!

Gary: Maryland, that's a very long ways away, I was hoping you were in Phoenix. Do you live very near Washington, D. C.? //// It makes me wonder if you would like Picard as much if he were not bald, and if that has anything to do with why you are defending his baldness. I wonder if part of what you are talking about has to do with distinctiveness, and I agree with that part: If a person has a stand-out feature about them, such as a large nose, or a split in their teeth, such as Madonna has had, then I agree that it should not be changed. It is part of who they are, and it can be cute or distinctive, and to keep it, can be honest. But humans are not conceived bald, it's not who or what they are. Baldness is a sickness, something that people should not have. And when a man notices that he's going bald, it's a traumatic experience for him, it's not a happy time. Think if you went bald. But after a long time, people get adjusted to what they must live with. I bet any bald guy you could name, did not like it when he was going bald. I remember when I saw my first white hair. I was very upset, and phoned my Mother complaining about it, as if she could do anything about it! It meant that I was entering into old age, and therefore someday I was going to die. I was being forced into something I did not like, AND SO IT IS WITH EVERYONE. //// Now it's interesting that you saw my sign on my car. Was it on the street, or parked? This goes along with my theory that internet searches does me no good: That when people find my website - The Starship Designer with a search, they pass it by, because it's not what they are looking for. So that there's far more chance with my sign... but only people nearby see it. //// I feel that you think it's not important if I don't make any money with my starship designs. But money I need to make. If you don't much like starships, that's okay -- most starships on the internet are dark and difficult to see, and all messed up with small bits all over them. Now I know I'm stooping low with my calendar idea, and who needs a calendar anymore these days, but my starships are very important in connection with my business. And I have been printing them out for myself, and they ARE neat! Very neat! And nothing like what's on the internet -- and they don't need to be thought of as starships -- that's how neat they are! They are timeless simple elegance. You can see what I mean in "About My Starships". Go deep. I think a lot of people all over the world who DON'T like starships, will like them! For many years I have tried and tried and tried and tried some more, but none of my ideas ever works out. At some point, I will run out of money, and my websites will disappear weather I want them to or not. So this is where my calendar idea comes from; maybe it's an idea that will work, and so give me my start.

Sam Smith:

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